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Alexandra Portrait of Alexandra Feodorovna
Modern copy by Vitaly Zhuravlev (born 1933) of a painting by Nikolai Bodarievsky (1850-1921), Circa 1900 of the Empress in the Portrait Hall of the Alexander Palace
Oil on canvas
Tsarskoe Selo Museum-Preserve
Inv. Nos. NV,

Born Princess Alix of Hesse-Darmstadt, Empress Alexandra Feodorovna was a favorite grand-daughter of Queen Victoria of Great Britain. Alix met the Russian Tsarevich Nicholas when she was only nine years old, and the two seemed to form an attachment immediately. Married in 1895, the couple were passionately in love, and almost entirely concerned with their four daughters and son and heir Alexei. This portrait, a copy of the 1900 original, shows the Empress at the height of beauty and popularity. She is wearing the Bolin suite of emeralds and diamonds ordered after the coronation for which the Fabergé plastron was ordered. The Empress was assassinated with her husband and children in 1918.

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