Written, under the order of Prince Odoievsky-Maslov, Chief of Administration of the Imperial Court in Moscow, by S. de Bartenev

The principal facade of the Palace appears to have three stories, but in reality only has two.  The ground floor, where the windows are arched is extended out underneath the first story and as a result of the  extension actually forms a terrace along the entire length of the facade to the south and east.  The rooms of the first floor have two rows of double arched windows, with Russian style window frames.

At the center of the principal facade, they built an arcade square, ornamented, on one of the two principal sides, with five small arcades with Imperial Eagles in raised relief in the mouldiing over the doorways.  In the intervals between the arcades are the arms of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Astrakhan, Polond and Tauride.

The arcade square is paved across the entire square with four bullseye openings.  In two of them clocks have been placed, and in the two others the bells which the clocks strike.

The base of the arcade square is surrounded with a gilded balustrade and the summit is crowned by a small gilded dome on top of an octagonal base, from which is a gilded mast which carries the Emperor's standard.

At the peak of the short roof a gilded crest with the lightning rods at each end.