Livadia, April 27-th, 1914

My sweetest treasure, my very Own one,

you will read these lines when you get into your bed in a strange place & unknown house. God grant that the journey may be a pleasant & interesting one, & not too tiring nor too dusty. I am so glad to have the map, as then can follow you hourly. I shall miss you h o r r i b I y , but I am glad for you that you will be away for 2 days & get new impressions & hear nothing of Anias stories. My heart is heavy & sore - must one's kindness & love always be repayed thus? The black family & now she? One is always told one can never love enough - here we gave our hearts our home to her, our private life even - & this is what we have gained! It is difficult not to become bitter - it seems so cruelly unjust. -

May God have mercy & help us, the heart is so heavy! I am in despair that she gives you worries & disagreeable conversations, no rest for you either. Well try & forget all these two days. I bless you & cross you & hold you tightly in my arms - kiss you all over with boundless love & devotion. I shall be in Church to-morrow morning at 9 & try to go again on Thursday - it does me good to pray for you when we are separated cannot get accustomed, for ever so short, not to have you in the house, tho' I have our 5 treasures. -

Sleep well my Sunshine, my own precious one & thousand tender kisses fr. yr. own old


God bless & keep you.


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