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Desyat' Let na Imperatorskoi Yakhte Shtandart (Ten Years on the Imperial Yacht Standart)
by Nikolai Sablin

376 pages

Published: 2009

Genre: Memoir

Publisher: Petronivs

Languages: RUSSIAN

ISBN Hardcover: 978-5-91373-017-6

ISBN Softcover: No softcover edition available

Print Status: in print

Desyat' Let na Imperatorskoi Yakhte Shtandart (Ten Years on the Imperial Yacht Standart)


Memoirs of 2nd captain Nikolai Vasilevich Sablin,* covering both ceremonial and informal happenings aboard the yacht Standart from 1906 to 1914. Illustrated with 242 black and white photos.

Also includes biographical index, geographical index, and glossary of sea terms.
(Title in Russian: Десять Лет на Императорской Яахте Штандарт)
*Not to be confused with the better-known Nikolai Pavlovich Sablin, who also served on the Standart and enjoyed a close personal friendship with the imperial family.

unique features:

Photographs from the author's personal collection, many published for the first time.

similar to:

S Tsarem i Bez Tsarya (With the Tsar and without the Tsar)

in my opinion:

Highly recommended for avid photo collectors -- a full 80% of the images were new to me. The paper is not glossy, but it's good crisp quality nonetheless. You need not speak Russian to appreciate this volume.

where to find this book:

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