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Lifelong Passion
by Andrei Maylunas & Sergei Mironenko

688 pages

Published: 1996

Genre: Documentary

Publisher: Doubleday

Languages: English

ISBN Hardcover: 0385486731

ISBN Softcover: 0753800446

Print Status: out of print

Lifelong Passion


Excerpts of imperial family members’ letters and diaries from the life and reign of Nicholas II. Emphasis on Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra. (Email for cover photo of paperback edition.)

unique features:

Draws materials from a wide range of sources, including: Empress Marie Fyodorovna, the siblings and children of Nicholas II, Grand Duke Aleksander Mikhailovich, Grand Duke Konstantine Konstantinovich, Queen Victoria, King George V, Kaiser Wilhelm II, and others.

similar to:

Complete Wartime Correspondence of Emperor Nicholas II and The Empress Alexandra Fall of the Romanovs Last Diary of Tsarista Alexandra

in my opinion:

Readers should be aware that these diaries and letters are NOT reproduced verbatim. The editors explain in their introduction that they have made cuts for content, and occasionally altered the chronology without indicating they've done so, in order to fit their view of events. Otherwise, a fascinating glimpse into the inner life of royalty, in their own words.

where to find this book:

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