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Moscow, November 14, Interfax - Experts from Russia and other countries still examine the human remains discovered near Yekaterinburg that supposedly belong to Nicholas II’s children. However, the local authorities have already chosen a place for reburial and bought coffins, NTV’s newsblock Segodnya reports.

Earlier, Sverdlovsk Region’s governor Edward Rossel showed where they plan to bury Princess Maria - in the church-upon-the-blood, built on the site where the royal family was shot.

The coffins will be decorated with jewels. Ural’s best jewelers have already started making them.

Meanwhile, Russian General Prosecutor’s Office considers a number of theories concerning the remains discovered in July 2007 near Yekaterinburg.

‘We work with archives in Moscow and Yekaterinburg. We check who could be executed or disappear without a trace in 1920s and 1930s. Yet the main theory now is that the remains may belong to Tsarevich Alexey and Princess Maria,’ the Russian General Prosecutor’s Office’s senior major case investigator Vladimir Solovyov said during a press-conference at Interfax-Ural.

Particles of the Romanovs’ remains found near Yekaterinburg in 1991 in the so-called first grave have been brought to Yekaterinburg for comparative analysis.

At the present time, the final, fourth, independent anthropological expertise of the remains is complete. American specialists came to Yekaterinburg, examined bone fragments, and selected samples for a molecular genetic expertise in the U.S. The parallel analysis will be done in the United Kingdom and in the Vavilov Institute, Russia.

Meanwhile, the Russian Orthodox Church says that it is to early to draw any conclusion concerning the human remains discovered near Yekaterinburg, which need an unbiased and fair expertise.


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