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Church believes Nicholas II should set a pattern for Russian politicians today

Moscow, June 18, Interfax - The Russian Orthodox Church urges to unveil the myth about Emperor Nicholas II as a weak-willed politician and believes that today political leaders have a lot to learn from him, Interfax-Religion has reported.

"Emperor Nicholas II was an example for politicians of his time and I believe he should set the pattern for politicians nowadays," Archbishop Vikenty of Yekaterinburg and Verkhniaya Tura said in his interview to the Yekaterinburgskaya Initsiativa website.

"When we study his state activity, we see that he applied Christian values he had been educated in at his policy. He tried to implant these values to the leaders of other states he was communicating with," the archbishop said.

According to him, organizing an international court in The Hague was the effective result of the last Russian emperor's activity.

"Many states of the world use his good idea and other international institutes such as the United Nations emerged later and on its base. It proves that Emperor Nicholas II was an important world political figure as he was an appeaser of all states and a peacemaker," the archbishop stressed.

He also noted that population increase exceeded 3 million a year under Nicholas II and "if we had kept on, we would have had 600 million of Russians today."


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