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March 1917

Telegram. Pskov. 2 March, 1917.

Arrived here at dinner-time. Hope that everybody's health is better and that we shall soon see each other. Close embrace.


NOTES: This telegram was sent shortly before the deed of abdication. It is a strange example of resignation, indifference, concealment or restraint.

Telegram. Stavka. 4 March, 1917.

Thanks, my dear. Have at last received your telegram to-night. Despair is passing away. May God bless you all! Tender love.


Telegram. Stavka, 4 March, 1917.

Hearty thanks for telegram. Mother has arrived for two days; it is so cosy and nice; we are dining together in her train. Another snowstorm. In thought and prayer I am with you.


NOTES: The Dowager Empress hastened from Kiev on hearing what had happened at Pskov, in order that she might be with her son in the hour of his trial. The ex-Tsar, in the Imperial train, had now returned to Mogilev.

Telegram. Stavka. 5 March, 1917.

Hearty thanks. Mother kisses you and the children. She thinks much of Sunny. It is very cold. In the town it is apparently quieter. I hope that the invalids are feeling better. I kiss you tenderly.


Telegram. Stavka. 5 March, 1917.

Thanks for news. The old man knows nothing of his family. Could you not find out? In thought I am always with you and the children. God bless you! Sleep well. I kiss you tenderly.


NOTES: "The old man" is presumably Count Fredericks.

Telegram. Stavka. 7 March, 1917

Hearty thanks for details. The old man and his son-in-law have at last left for the country. Here it is quite quiet. Am spending most of my time with Mother, who, with me, kisses you all very tenderly.


NOTES: "The old man and his son-in-law," presumably Count Fredericks and Voeikov.

On the following day the ex-Tsar was arrested at Mogilev and he was brought to Tsarskoe Selo on the 9th.

The tragic fate of the Romanov family is now well known. On the 14th August, 1917, they started for Tobolsk in Siberia, where they arrived on the 19th. After a lengthy,, but not unhappy, imprisonment in this place, the Tsar and Tsaritsa were taken to Ekaterinburg on the 25th April, 1918. Here they were joined later by their children. All were killed in the basement of 1patiev's house on the night of 16 - 17th July, 1918.

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