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Russian historian is concerned with a large-scale "slanderous campaign" against Nicholas II

Moscow, May 28, Interfax - Well-known historian and author of four books about Nicholas II Pyotr Multatuli is concerned that some domestic and foreign circles discredit last Russian emperor's name, Interfax-Religion has reported.

"Discrediting image of Nicholas II is still a part of propagandistic war led against Russia by some forces in the West. That's why the West with the assistance of some homebred playwrights go on replicating tons of slanderous trash pretending to be a new "biography" of Nicholas II," he stated at a conference in Moscow.

Multatuli regrets that "Russia also expands the slanderous campaign against the name of Nicholas II."

"Though today there are historians, politicians, publicists and public figures who tell the truth about personality of the last Russian emperor, public opinion is still stuffed with deceitful myths about him," the historian stated.

According to him, "certain forces in this country consciously back up" these myths.

"These forces don't want Russian people to know the truth about their history as it is impossible to manipulate the nation that knows its history. That's why the entire industry of lie is established in cinematography, television and literature to defame, to blacken and to pervert Russian history," he stated.

Multatuli, a great grandson of cook Ivan Kharitonov executed in the Ipatyev house together with the tsar family, urged "to realize that discrediting the tsar's name is discrediting the name of Russia and legalization of the crime committed to Russia in the 20th century."

He noted that Nicholas II showed an example of "a moral politician." According to him, the tsar considered politics from the positions of morality and "wanted his subordinates to be equally responsible for the destiny of their Motherland."

"Nicholas II cherished the enormous nation of the Russian Empire. The best prove is that Russia's population had grown by 50 million people under his rule," the historian noted.

He also pointed out to the fidelity of tsar passion-bearer to Orthodoxy while "Orthodox identity evaded Russian governing elite and was substituted by various surrogates, freakish mixes of mystiques, occultism, masonry, socialism and God-seeking."

According to him, it was under Nicholas II rule that the Chinese Eastern Railways and the South Manchuria railways were built, worked out were plans of the whole country's electrification, a petrol pipe from Baku to the Persian Gulf and project of the Belomor-Baltic channel. Drafted were major plants in the Urals and the Far East and the Baikal-Amur railroad trunk line.

"Bolsheviks realized these great plans afterwards and passed them for their own," the historian said.


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