Table of contents
  1. A Scotman in Russia
  2. The First Steps
  3. Russian Military Flying Schools
  4. The Imperial All Russia Aero Club
  5. General Baron Kulbars & Aviation
  6. The Imperial Russian Technical Society
  7. The Prototype of the Zeppelin
  8. Contruction, Aviators & Workmen
  9. Famous Russian Flying Men
  10. I.I. Sikorsky
  11. Foriegn Aviators in Russia
  12. Heir Fokker's Russian Lady Pilot
  13. Just Before the War
  14. Aerial Russia & the British Press
  15. Aviation & the Russian Press
  16. By Way of Conclusion

Authors Note

I wrote this book during the troubulous nights when the Zeppelins were threatening London and the adjacent counties. While I was writing I was entirely undisturbed by the thought of danger. Outside my windows the great white beams of the searchlights were scouring the skies for the aerial invaders. Now and again I heard the familiar sound of an aeroplane passing through the night and the boom of anti-aircraft guns, and I knew that the heroic men of the British Air Services Were guarding their country and its peaceful inhabitants. Many of these men have lost their lives in the fight against German militarism. In the sincerest admiration I dedicate these pages to all the profits from the sale of this edition to the fund that provides for the families of British aviators who have died in the cause that is Russia's as well as theirs.

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