Yelagin Palace Stone Island St. Petersburg

Carlo Rossi

Carlo Rossi, Architect of Yelagin Palace

This website has been created from a historic album in the collection of Bob Atchison published by the Imperial Society of Architects of St. Petersburg in 1909. The album is attributed only to a 'T. B.' and there are no photo credits. The album is important as it shows the palace as it appeared during the time of the Tsars before the Revolution. Later changes and shell damage from WWII have considerably changed the building - including its interior decoration - which is only partially preserved today.

The original text of the album in French and Russian has been considerably altered and updated for the website. Translation of text and scanning of the images was done by Rob Moshein. Our thanks to Rob for his help, which was essential for the completion of the website.

Yelagin Palace is part of the Palaces of Petersburg project of Pallasart Web Design.

Comments on this website should be sent to Bob Atchison.

Summer palace of Russian Tsars

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