Yelagin Palace Stone Island St. Petersburg

Study of Alexander I


The study of Tsar Alexander I was on the second floor above the Vestibule. The restrained decoration of the room forms a austere balance with the beaux-arts Empire furniture. The simple taste and design of the room corresponds perfectly with the character and spirit of the Emperor for whom this apartment was destined. On the wall is a copy in a heavy gilt frame of the famous portrait of Alexander by the English artist Dau. The furniture is masculine and massive, similar to that from Alexander's rooms in other palaces. On the mahogany doors are military motifs of Grecian helmets, and above the door are painted flags and trophies, all in keeping with the heroic and martial spirit of the time.

The view from the windows of the room is superb. From here one can see the Court of Honor, park with the outbuildings of the palace, and the Baltic Sea on the horizon.

Summer palace of Russian Tsars

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