Yelagin Palace Stone Island St. Petersburg

Facade of the palace


The facade on the Nevka is of another character far more intimate. The central part, constructed under a large balcony, is the exterior of a huge room of oval form, with two rows of windows placed on top, above, forming the third floor, one finds the chapel of the palace consecrated to St. Nikolas. The lovely columns with their rich capitals, a superb cornice, of a powerful order although forcefully simple on their own, a delicious frieze running above the entire arcade between the two rows of windows of the oval room - behold the principal elements of this facade, charming in its proportions.

The terrace on the same level as the palace is surrounded by a fine dentelle fence made of a superb grillwork of the most purely Empire style. A great stair leads to parterres situated on the bank of the Nevka. Face to face with the Isles: Krestovski and Kammenoy.

Summer palace of Russian Tsars

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