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  Dancing Room
The Dancing Room, like the adjoining Drawing Room, was among the first apartments decorated by Charles Cameron. It is of modest size, having been intended for entertainment on a small scale. The decor of Cameron was rich and refined at the same time. In the walls were large mirrors, rounded at the top, fitted with candelabra of graceful design and embellished with applied decorations in gilded carved wood, shaped as figures of gryphons, floral designs, relief plaques and medallions. The spaces between the mirrors were adorned with round and oval medallions painted by Giovanni Scotti with allegories of the twelve months. In

1802 the mirrors were taken down and replaced with some canvases by Hubert Robert, brought from the St Michael Castle. Later the Dancing Room and the Drawing Room were combined to form the Grand Dining Room.

In 1969 Cameron's original layout and decor were restored, with the exception, however, of the mirrors, for the available drawings and descriptions do not provide sufficient materials for their reproduction. The hall therefore retains the appearance it had in 1802. The walls of the Dancing Room are decorated with a gilded stucco-work frieze of trailing vine and classical vases, and the ceiling with two interlacing stems of ivy, forming an oval. The pink background of the frieze and the pale blue of the walls combine with the white of the ceiling and the gold of the mouldings to give the hall a festive and elegant appearance.

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