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News and Announcements - Medvedev Visits Kostroma

Medvedev visited the monastery where Mikhail Romanov was called for tsardom

Kostroma, May 16, Interfax – Russian President Dmitry Medvedev visited the Ipatyevsky Monastery during his visit to Kostroma.

This monastery situated at the confluence of the Volga and the Kostroma rivers was first mentioned in the chronicle in 1432, though it had been founded much earlier approximately in 1330 by Tatar murza Chet.

The monastery is famous for Mikhail Romanov lived here with his mother nun Martha over six years. It was here that he was elected tsar in 1613. The vote had been held in the Trinity Cathedral also visited by Medvedev.

The monastery’s library preserved precious written record - the Ipatyevsk Chronicles.

Russian President also visited the Theophany Monastery, which is the biggest in town. It was founded at about 1426. Besides nuns, 40 elderly women and orphans live in the monastery under their patronage.


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