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Yekaterinburg remains most likely to be czar's children - official

Yekaterinburg, April 11, Interfax - The senior special investigator at the Russian Prosecution Investigative Committee, Vladimir Solovyov, told the governor of the Sverdlovsk region Eduard Rossel that the so-called "royal remains" are most likely to be those of Prince Alexey and Princess Maria.

Solovyov made this statement at the meeting in Yekaterinburg last Thursday, the governor's spokesperson said on Friday.

"The investigation is now almost finished. Solovyov told Rossel that the results of the tests suggest that the remains that had been found are those of Prince Alexey and Princess Maria," the spokesperson said.

Yet another independent audit will be conducted very soon, and all documents containing the tests' results will be ready in May, he added.

In July 2007, fragments of two human bodies with signs of a violent death were found on the Staraya Koptyakovskaya road near Yekaterinburg. The burial site was said to contain the remains of a child aged between ten and 14 years and of a young woman aged around 20.

The theory that is currently being investigated is that the remains could be those of Prince Alexey and Grand Duchess Maria Romanova who were executed in 1918.


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