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Criminal investigator suggests inviting Russian Orthodox Church into royal remains inquiry

Moscow, October 27, Interfax - The Russian government should set up a commission that would include representatives from the Russian Orthodox Church to settle the issue regarding the authenticity of the remains of Emperor Nicholas II and members of his family, said senior criminal expert Vladimir Solovyov of the Russian Investigative Committee, who has been probing the execution of the royal family.

"The right solution would be to set up a government commission including Church representatives or the specialists who are trusted by the Church. This commission would be a platform for civil talks and discussions," Solovyov told a press conference at the Interfax head office on Thursday.

For his part, Director of the Chancellery of the House of Romanov Alexander Zakatov said that the Russian Orthodox Church has not found sufficient grounds for the Yekaterinburg remains to be recognized as those of the royal family.

"So far, the Church has not found sufficient grounds for these remains to be recognized as those of the royal family," Zakatov said.

The Church is trusted more by the people than by the authorities, he said. "For many Orthodox believers, the Church's position remains a priority," Zakatov said.


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