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From the Mayor of St. Petersburg


Dr. Marilyn Perry
Chairman World Monuments Fund
New York, New York

March 8, 1996

Dear Dr. Perry:
I write to you on a matter of urgency to Russia's national heritage.

Recent events have presented a unique opportity to save the Alexander Palace, last residence of the Russian Emperors and one of the world's great architectural creations, from damage and decay, and to open it to the Russian people as a museum. I sincerely hope that the World Monuments Fund will participate in this important effort.

Having survived decades of damage from time, war, and neglect, the Alexander Palace is even now threatened with destruction unless timely action is taken to preserve it. This historic building embodies the history of Russia and evokes the deep sense of a common bond among Russia's citizens. In its halls have echoed the pivotal events of our great and tragic history. The collections of precious artworks that once graced its rooms survive today, still largely intact. I believe that this singular inheritance must be returned to its former grandeur.

I also believe that the World Monuments Fund, with thirty years of successful experience in preserving imperiled masterpieces of art and architecture :in many countries, and with its strong reputation for work of the highest professional standard, is qualified to restore the Alexander Palace. I am happy that Professor Ivan Petrovich 5autov, director of the Museum-Preserve of Tsarskoe Seto, who possesses a wealth of knowledge of the history and architechtre of this site, will cooperate in the project. I know that those who participate in the effort to preserve the Alexander Palace will gain significantly in professional expertise and knowledge.

As Mayor of 5t. Petersburg, I invite the World Monuments Fund to undertake the restoration of the Alexander Palace, symbol of Russia's statehood. To that goal I pledge my full support.

Anatoly Sobchak
Mayor of St. Petersburg
Letter from Sobchak

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A report issued in october 1996 by the world monuments fund an international preservation organization
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