World Monuments Fund Alexander Palace Time Machine
World Monuments Fund Alexander Palace Time Machine



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The Romanov Dynasty



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The World Monuments Fund (WMF) is dedicated to the conservation of monuments and works of art whose loss or destruction would impoverish mankind. Based in New York City, WMF is a private, not-for~profit organization that is a leader in worldwide preservation activity. Founded in 1965, WMF has completed more than 100 major projects in 37 countries the world.

WMF acts as a catalyst. It identifies a major work of art or architecture in peril, develops a plan to conserve it, and brings together partners and sponsors who can commit funds to carry out the project. Depending on the nature of the endeavor, WMF may oversee a project to completion or it may limit its involvement to planning and initiation. WMF also sponsors on-site research, training, and exchange programs in conjunction with its field programs.

The World Monuments Watch, established by WMF in 1995, is a global campaign aimed at identifying and preserving the world's most endangered cultural landmarks. The program addresses cultural heritage worldwide, including national monuments, archaeological sites, traditional communities, and man-made landscapes. The World Monuments Watch annual List of 100 Most Endangered Sites consists of sites worldwide, selected by an international panel of leading professionals, that will be lost or significantly compromised if no action is taken. The List is updated each year to document conservation progress and to detect newly emerging challenges. Selected sites from the List receive financial support from World Monuments Fund donors. These awards are used to support emergency work, strategic planning, technical assistance, educational programs, local fundraising, and conservation treatments.

WMF relies on generous funding from its membership and philanthropic sponsors. In addition to its New York headquarters and offices in Paris and Venice, the World Monuments Fund has five independently chartered affiliate organizations - in France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom - that undertake artistic and architectural conservation programs in their own countries and contribute to the
success of World Monuments Fund programs worldwide.

The Alexander Palace Association (AP A) is an independent organization committed to the complete and accurate restoration and preservation of the Alexander Palace through fundraising, grant support and worldwide media attention. APA, a volunteer effort organized within a committee structure, was founded in 1996 as the result of more than twenty years of research and advocacy by its founder and president, Bob Atchison of Austin, Texas. Its active, honorary, and advisory boards include members of the Romanov and other prominent Russian noble families, as well as Pulitzer Prize winning author Robert K. Massie, all of whom are dedicated to the project's advocacy and advancement. In the furtherance of its goals, the organization is working in conjunction with the World Monuments Fund and the State Museum-Preserve of Tsarskoe Selo, toward the eventual adaptation of the Alexander Palace for use as a first-class museum offering extensive research materials and educational resources.

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A report issued in october 1996 by the world monuments fund an international preservation organization
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