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The stone Orangerie already existed in the palace complex prior to 1806, and Rossi decided not to rebuilt it. When the costs for preliminary plans for the reconstruction of the palace were calculated, labor and material to rebuild the Orangeries was estimated to cost 60,000 roubles. For purposes of economy the old building was preserved.

Les orangeries de pierre existaient déjà parmi les édifices de l'ile et Rossi n'eut qu'à les reconstruire. Cette reconstruction dans les devis préliminaires était calculée, travaux et matériel compris à 60.000 rbls.

On en construisit encore des autres en bois sur fondation de pierre, ayant une longueur de façade égale à 65 sagènes. Le devis de cette batisse établi par le jardinier J. Busch montait à 38.073 rbls.

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Alexander Palace Time Machine

Hagia Sophia Drawings by Grelo 1680 and Loos 1710

These amazing drawings prove that the mosaics of Hagia Sophia were uncovered for almost 300 years after the conquest. Millions of Muslim worshippers prayed under Christ, the Virgin and the Seraphim.

Cherokee ancestry - Shoe Boots, Clarinda and my DNA

Roaring Chicken Tuskingo Chief Shoe boots is my 4th great grandfather.  He abducted my 4th great grandmother, Clarinda Ellington, in the last great Indian raid in Kentucky and they had a family. She was rescued and returned to her family.