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Summer Day is Done
by Robert Tyler Stevens


Published: 1976

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Doubleday

Languages: English

ISBN Hardcover: 0385120419

ISBN Softcover: 044689270X

Print Status: out of print

Summer Day is Done


From the publisher:

"The haunting story of a forbidden love betweenthe agent of the British king and the daughter of the Imperial Czar .... From a window of the Imperial train a young girl looked out. Startled blue eyes met his. He was aware of a girl soft with colour and enchantment. The warm sunlight danced on the windows, was reflected in her eyes and made a shining cloud of her chestnut-blonde hair. He feld the strangest sense of indefinable communications as in shy, suspended animation she returned his gaze, the train bringing her to him, taking her away. The fleeting seconds stretched. He could not resist smiling. And at the very last moment before she vanished, she gave him the shyest of smiles in response. It was the first time John Kirby, British secret agent, saw Grand Duchess Olga. It was the beginning of a tender love that would blossom in the summer's sun while the storm of the Russian Revolution gathered. A perilous, precious love -- all the more beautiful becuase it was never meant to be."

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Snow Mountain

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