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Aleksandrovskii Dvorets Albom (Alexander Palace Album)
by Larisa Bardovskaia, Victoria F. Plaude, I.G. Stepanenko


Published: 2010

Genre: Non-fiction with extensive photographs

Publisher: Avrora

Languages: RUSSIAN

ISBN Hardcover: 5730009100

ISBN Softcover: No softcover edition available

Print Status: in print

Aleksandrovskii Dvorets Albom (Alexander Palace Album)


A richly illustrated coffee table album dedicated to the Alexander Park and Palace. 

Part one: architecture and interior design
Part two: residents of the palace
Part three: the park and pavillions

115 color and 77 black & white illustrations 

(Title in Russian: Александровский Дворец Альбом) 

unique features:

The largest and most lavish contemporary book devoted exclusively to the Alexander Palace. 

In part two, a small floorplan at the head of each spread identifies the room pictured, making it easy to "navigate" the palace. 

Note: Because the photography is focused on the palace itself, there are virtually no images of the imperial family inhabiting the rooms. 

similar to:

Aleksandrovskii Dvorets (Alexander Palace)
Aleksandrovskii Dvorets-Muzei v Detskom Sele (The Alexander Palace-Museum in Detskoe Selo)
Tsarskoye Selo: The Imperial Summer Residence

in my opinion:

Until the newly found color autochrome images of the Alexander Palace's 1914 interiors are published, this will stand as the best visual reference by far on the palace. Essential for devotees of the last tsar's favorite residence.

(Yakovlev's exhaustive 1927 & 1928 volumes on the palace certainly contain more information, but cannot compete with Bardovskaia/Plaude/ Stepanenko this in terms of visual documentation. The size and quality of images is excellent.)

where to find this book:

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